Hey there all you 2 News Hound fans, Pieper here with another week of adventures!

My human FINALLY toOK me out to The Biggest Little Dog Park to try to make friends, but low and behold I was the only pooch there! Although I did smell them…

Its ok though, it just meant we had the whole park to ourselves, and boy oh boy did we play!

All Alone at the Dog Park

On a somewhat lower note, after the park we went for tacos (and by we I mean him, he wouldn’t share!) I was tied up to the chair while he ate, but the second he got up to pay the bill, I wanted to follow! Unfortunately, still being tied to the chair, I brought it along with me, which kind of scared me…a lot. As any pup would do I ran…and ran…and ran down the street with the chair in tow! It was about 3 blocks down, weaving in and out of traffic, before my human caught up to me, and I’m so glad he did!

After that I kinda just wanted to relax by the river, to cool down from my jaunt down the street, and I found some great new toys!

Colling Off with New Toys

But just like a good story, sometimes the best ones are buried, and you need to go digging to get to the roots of the issue!

Getting to the root of the problem with Peiper

I do love my human though…no matter what trouble I get into (and trust me, I get into a lot!) he is always right there with a treat or a new monkey after I destroy the old one!

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned! I was told that this weekend will be my very first camping trip in Lake Tahoe! Wish me luck, and have a great week!

Peiper Signing OFF