The Forest Service says the 63,311-acre Delta Fire in northern California is now 100% contained.

The wildfire started September 5th two miles north of Lakehead, California. 

Twenty structures were destroyed by the human-caused fire.

Caltrans says I-5 is back open after there were several more road closures along I-5 due to a flare on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, Caltrans advised drivers to be on the lookout for aircraft dropping water near I-5.

Original Story: Caltrans says Interstate 5 reopened to traffic Monday morning.

The interstate will be open to through travel with one lane in each direction for approximately 17 miles between Antlers Bridge in Lakehead and Flume Creek Road south of Dunsmuir. 

California Department of Transportation spokeswoman Denise Yergenson says no vehicles carrying potential flammable materials will be allowed along a 17-mile stretch between Antlers Bridge in Lakehead and Flume Creek Road south of the city of Dunsmuir, California. She says that includes vehicles carrying hay, wood chips, lumber, logs.

The highway that traverses the West Coast from Mexico to Canada and serves as a main artery for commerce had been closed since Wednesday, forcing trucks and other traffic on smaller roads that has added 100 miles (160 kilometers) to their journeys.

Patience was running thin at the Pilot Travel Center in the town of Weed, near the northern end of the closure. The truck stop's facilities were stretched to their limits, cashier Jacob Chapman said Thursday afternoon. Parked big rigs lined the roads surrounding the facility.

California has been hit with one massive blaze after another, including a blaze not far from the Delta Fire that last month burned about 1,100 homes and killed eight people.

The unrelenting flames have drained California's firefighting budget and prompted nearly $1 billion in property claims even before the start of the dangerous fall fire season, officials said Thursday.

The deadly Carr Fire and another in the Mendocino area - the two largest blazes in the state this year - destroyed or damaged 8,800 homes and 329 businesses, Insurance Commissioner David Jones said.

Victims have filed more than 10,000 insurance claims so far, totaling $845 million.

The department had spent $432 million through the end of August, said Ken Pimlott of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The Legislature budgets for firefighting costs based on historical averages. Cal Fire has requested extra money in seven of the past 10 years but never this early, according to the Department of Finance.

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