Several times a year California Highway Patrol will set up DUI checkpoints in order to crack down on impaired driving. Saturday night they set up on Donner Pass Road because of the history of DUI in the area. CHP Officer Rich Morin says they chose this weekend in part due to the tourist influx for Labor Day.

"There's a lot of people up from the metropolitan areas coming to vacation for the 'last hoorah' for summertime," Morin says. "And this is just to supplement our daily activities of DUI."

The checkpoint was set up from about 6 pm to midnight. During that time, CHP stopped 482 vehicles, conducted 49 sobriety tests, and made two DUI arrests. In both cases, the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Along with a lot of DUI's in the area, Donner Pass Road works well for CHP when it comes to staging.

"Sight distance for the officers and the vehicles coming into the checkpoint to make it safe," Morin says. "We have a parking lot right here where we can conduct field sobriety tests, and again the past DUI activity and the location to downtown Truckee."

While two arrests may not sound like a lot, officials say the checkpoint is meant to act as a deterrent and a way to promote safe driving rather than a way to make arrests.

By law, drivers must be slowed to avoid the checkpoint if they choose, but in some cases, bad driving can still lead to impaired drivers getting caught.

"The checkpoint is signed so when you drive up you know why you're being stopped," Morin says. "But if people are making an illegal traffic maneuver, they could be stopped and cited for that just by other officers in the area."

Morin says when it comes to DUI's, in general, they have seen an increase in marijuana, but they see all kinds of drugs including prescription and illicit drugs.