Emergency dispatchers are trained to deal with a wide variety of situations, but with just one year's experience on the job, 21-year-old Huntyr Sullivan had to talk a dad through the sudden birth of his own son - and she kept her calm through the whole thing.

We caught up with Sullivan and the Sampson family when they came to meet the communications.

The reminiscing began almost immediately and it's a story both parties will be telling for years to come; "As soon as his shoulder and arm popped out - he jumped out," remembers dad, Skylar, as his wife Marlee laughs at the memory. “All I did was play catch."

All the while, Skylar Sampson was on the phone with Washoe County Dispatch.

Communications specialist Huntyr Sullivan, says helping deliver a baby over the phone felt a little surreal; "I mean I could hear the mom, I could hear the dad and of course, I heard the baby afterwards which made it real after the fact."

Just 20 minutes earlier, knowing they wouldn't make it out of their Wadsworth home in time, expectant mom Marlee insisted her husband call for help.

Skylar remembers his answer; "Wait, what? 9-1-1 that’s for emergencies."

And some 30 miles away in Reno, dispatcher Sullivan was there; "I have a call in and paramedics are responding, but I'm here to help you through it, OK?" can be heard from the recording of the phone call.

Skylar says; "When I seen blood, I started freaking out. I'm just really thankful for the dispatcher - kinda calmed me down and walked me through it."

The family showed their gratitude in person, bringing a handmade gift for Huntyr and offering a little cuddle time with a very healthy Skylar Jr.

Huntyr says she's grateful her training kicked in; "I've been told I'm the first one to deliver a child in this center, so there's that" she says, laughing.

Sheriff Chuck Allen took notice and made sure the young dispatcher was recognized for her professionalism - which was an extra bonus for Sullivan because she has plans;

"My ultimate goal is to be a deputy with the sheriff's office."