Lake Tahoe is blue and clear, but resting at the bottom is piles of filthy garbage. It's mostly cans and glass but plenty of clothes and other random trash gathered up by Bonsai Rock just south of Sand Harbor Beach.

"And you can tell this area hasn't been maintained at all. Just by the amount of trash, and the age of the trash that's coming out," says Matt Meunier, Owner of Tahoe Dive Center.

Divers picking up trash isn't a new concept, but most places at the bottom of the lake go unseen. Local divers Jesse and Megan spotted the trash two weeks ago, and knew they needed a slightly bigger operation, especially considering the location.

"That area itself is really hard to access, so hence the project going forward with boats and divers to go ahead and clean this area up," says Meunier.

Areas where Tahoe Dive Center conducts training are usually maintained, so a spot like this is a challenge.

That's why about two dozen divers joined the clean up, along with help from Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals, Tahoe Blue Vodka, and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency was nice enough to be the dumpster. They could be useful for the next clean up since it will likely be in a tough place to reach.

"Most of the dive spots around Lake Tahoe, I'd say around 80 percent of them in Lake Tahoe are only accessible by boat," Meunier explains.

As for the trash that has polluted Lake Tahoe for decades, Meunier says he thinks people have good intentions, but that doesn't mean your trash and wind up at the bottom. He says,

"I don't think this trash has accumulated there because people are just carelessly throwing their trash in the lake, I think most of the trash that we find is accidental. So if people could just remember to police their own stuff. Pack it in, Pack it out."

This group of divers will likely continue cleaning up isolated areas of Lake Tahoe in the future.