It may be hard to believe but on Monday, school is already back in session for the Washoe County School District. Superintendent Traci Davis says district officials have been working nonstop this summer, preparing for it. 

Jacqueline Ramirez-Neri, a 5th grade teacher at Libby Booth elementary puts the finishing touches on her classroom, Friday. Miss Ramirez says, "I have been getting ready for the past couple of weeks." She's expecting an incoming class of about 25 kids. 

This year, she's trying something new, it's called flexible seating.  Miss Ramirez, adding yoga ball seats to her classroom, says it helps with students' attention spans and behavior, "Some prefer to stand, some prefer to sit on the ground."

While students were able to take the summer season to relax, Davis says, "No, no break for us. We worked all summer." That includes putting $20 million of WC-1 bonds to work.  Davis adds, "They were much-needed repairs, as you know the average age of our schools is 50-years-old."

Now, it's time for parents to get their kids back in the swing of things. Davis says, "[Get them] back on a good regimen of going to sleep on time, eating breakfast."

To make the summer to school transition a little bit easier for parents and students, the district is hosting their first ever Back to School Expo on Saturday, August 4th, at the Meadowood Mall. 

It brings the resources parents need to a one-stop shop. Davis says, "You can find out about transportation, if there's anything particular in student support services you need to ask questions about."

Miss Ramirez encourages that streamlined communication between parents, teachers and other school officials, saying it benefits the kids greatly, "It helps a lot with the students if there's that communication between the three [of us]."

This year, the district's enrollment is up almost 1,000 students, bringing their student body up to about 64,000 across their 100+ schools.

The Back to School Expo will run tomorrow from noon until 4 P.M. inside the Meadowood Mall. If you'd like more information, click here