Washoe County School District's Nutrition Services serves more than 46,000 meals, per day. It's all done out of their central kitchen, which the district grew out of, years ago. 

An expansion of Nutrition Services was identified as a top priority before the capital funding was even approved back in 2016. Riley Sutton. WCSD Spokesperson says, "We're at barely elbow room at this point, there's no room to grow to address more students coming in."

So, while the kids have been away this summer, crews have been hard at work making the WC-1 funding priority, a reality. Teresa Golden, Director of Planning and Design for WCSD says, "We serve about 46,000 meals a day and that will expand about 30 to 40 percent."

Identified as an imminent need as far back as 2015, it's even more apparent as the district itself, expands. Golden says, "It's mainly due in part to the additional three schools we have under construction right now."

The facility will soon grow to 22,000 square feet.  It's currently in Phase 1-- adding more office space as well as dry storage. Golden explains, "If there's an emergency or piece of equipment breaks down, they'll have that additional food storage capacity." Golden says the first phase should be complete by the end of October.

Then, Phase 2 can begin, Golden explains, "Phase 2 is more refrigerator space, production space, a new loading dock for deliveries." It'll also allow for updated kitchen equipment. 

The project, which costs about $10 million overall, should be finished and in full swing by the start of next school year.

The expansion was only made possible by WC-1 money. Originally, that capital funding was expected to bring in about $781 million over the next decade, but with the economy improving, officials say that should increase by about $100 million.