Hello all you Channel 2 News fans, Pieper here, the newest addition to the News 2 family! This will be my page to write about my experiences as a News Hound, and to just show off my journey, so take a paws and let me know if my travels are treat worthy!

News 2 - Morning team with News Hound

This is me out on my first story with Lauren Ball, the PIO for RTC! I was the first puppy to ride the South East Connector before it opens on July 6th! My dad, Traffic Reporter Bryan Hofmann, had to get video and information, so I helped by playing with Lauren the whole time, and I made sure the road wasn’t Ruff! 

KTVN News Hound Inspects SE Connector

This was my first time on TV! I love my co-workers, but someone forgot my microphone…DAD! 

Just giving my 2 cents on today’s story, which should be about me!

New Hound offers 2 cents worth

Tracking down and sniffing out good stories is hard work, so sometimes I need to just rest my eyes…just a little… 

KTVN New Hound Sleeps on the job.