'Clearly Tahoe' is celebrating its second year at Lake Tahoe. 

They use clear kayaks to teach the public about invasive species by using flashcards along the way. "We want to keep Tahoe as beautiful and preserved as possible. It is a very rare and beautiful thing we have here and it is important to keep it that way," explains 'Clearly Tahoe' owner, Kelsey Weist.

This includes finding trash in the lake - by using clear kayaks, guests and guides find trash at the bottom of the lake, record it and then come back and clean it up. "We will make our best attempt to remove any type of trash or debris, anything that doesn't belong," says Weist.

They also teach the community the importance of keeping the beach clean and taking the time to clean boats when they travel from lake to lake. "It is really important for people to be cautious on what can end up in the lake and do their best to remove them if they do," explains Weist.

Some invasive species found in Lake Tahoe are Curlyleaf Pondweed, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Largemouth bass, Asian clam, Bluegill, Bullfrogs, and Goldfish.

If you do find any of these species, 'Clearly Tahoe' asks that you record where you were and report online at http://www.keeptahoeblue.org/our-work/report-invasives

They also ask that if you see any trash to pick it up if you can and throw it away.

To book a tour with 'Clearly Tahoe' please visit: http://clearlytahoe.com/