Northern Nevada HOPES began their expansion back in July. In approximately two weeks, construction will be completed on additional exam rooms to house 12 more providers.

Northern Nevada HOPES sees almost 10,000 patients through almost 50,000 appointments, annually.  Growing right along with those numbers, HOPES is now expanding its services.  

Their former administrative offices will be transformed into additional patient rooms.  Their administrative site is now located on East Liberty Street.

The move came partly from an imminent need for more healthcare providers in our area. Sharon Chamberlain, CEO for Northern Nevada HOPES explains, "The national benchmark is one medical provider for about 700 patients and in our service area we have one medical provider for about 3,900 patients."

The dire situation specifically at HOPES is no different. Chamberlain adds, "Every day, we turn away about 80 new patients."

This is especially concerning for the more vulnerable population that HOPES serves. Chamberlain says, "We work with people that have Medicaid and Medicare, some of our very vulnerable seniors in the community, some of our working families."

While HOPES always planned to move the administrative office off-site, the need is accelerated now. The demand for services spiked since the current facility began operations in 2016. Chamberlain explains, "We went from having around 2,400 visits, to moving into this building and last year we had over 44,000 visits."

Construction is set to begin to divide the now vacant rooms on the second and third floors of the building into those separate patient rooms. It will include the addition of 12 new providers--both for behavioral health and primary care.  This allows for 12,000 additional visits, annually.  

Chamberlain says that a state grant is helping to fund this expansion. They hope to have those new patient rooms up and running by January of 2019.