Homeownership, especially in this housing market, can feel like an unattainable dream. And that's how it was for one local navy couple, until they got some unexpected help from a little known state program.

Lexi and Raymond Rosado are brand new home owners, happy to give a tour of their new digs.

"This is the Navy and Marine Corps achievement medal that they sent me once I left the military," Lexi said, pointing to a wall in their house, hung with military honors from her time in the Navy as well as her husband's.

But three months ago, as they stayed temporarily with her mother, the Rosados never thought getting their own place would be possible.

"That's kind of how we were feeling," Lexi said, "that we weren't going to be able to afford anything."

The couple moved back to the area to be closer to family, but came up against the high prices and limited options in our tough housing market. They said the process was overwhelming, but then heard about the "Home is Possible for Heroes" program; a statewide initiative to lower interest rates and help veterans with down payments and closing costs.

"We all know that right now there's a very challenging real estate market," Nevada Director of Business and Industry CJ Manthe said, "and so this improves the buying power for our veterans in the community."

On Monday state officials celebrated a milestone for the program: the Rosados are the 1,000th veteran family to get help becoming homeowners. Governor Brian Sandoval paid a visit to congratulate them, on Flag Day.

"Think about it," Sandoval said. "One thousand veteran families who now have the dream of homeownership, so it makes me really proud as governor, and it's a great way to celebrate Flag Day."

The Rosado's said the reality of being homeowners hasn't quite sunk in yet, but they are very grateful to the program.

"It's amazing," Lexi said. "Absolutely amazing. More than we could ever even imagine."

The Home is Possible for Heroes program is only available to active duty military or veterans, but the Nevada Housing Division also offers the Home is Possible program for other citizens who are right on the cusp of being able to afford a home, but need help with a down payment or closing costs.

For information on the Home is Possible for Heroes Program, click here.

For information on housing assistance for non-veterans through the Home is Possible program, click here.