Tom Steyer, Founder of NextGen America, hosted a "Need to Impeach" town hall in Reno Wednesday, as a part of his 30 city tour across the country meant to gain support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Steyer has spent about 200 thousand dollars to advertise on local channels in the Reno market since March for the same purpose.

Steyer says he's heard from patriots across the country that want what's best for the democracy. He says the biggest malfeasance is the fact the President Trump is still tied to his private business.

"I don't know whether the President of the United States is making foreign policy of the people in this room or on behalf of his personal bank account," Steyer says. "Yea, I'm upset about that."

He specifically used China as an example when it comes to foreign interested financially. Most people in the crowd verbally responded when Steyer brought up Trump's behavior towards Russia and President Vladimir Putin as well.

"Step back and you'll see this president breaks the law every single day by taking money from foreign countries," Steye says. "And that is absolutely forbidden in the Constitution."

The event was a full house, mostly with democrats. Still, many republicans and President Trump supports held up signs outside the venue to show their support. A couple people I spoke with don't understand the resentment towards the President.

"My first thought was impeach Trump? Why on God's Earth would anyone want to do that?" Michael Kadenacy, Chair of the Washoe County Republican Party, says. "The economy is soaring, we're at peace in the world, American prestige is rising. Boy, we got to get rid of this guy."

"I am never in favor for impeaching a president who has been as successful at his agenda as President Trump has been," Kim Bacchus, Reno resident, says.

But resentment for President Trump was strong inside the venue as citizens talked about injustice like rising racism and parents being separated from children, as well as scandal like the Russia investigation.

One woman who spoke about Trump's immigration policy separating parents from kids broke down in tears. She felt, like many in the crowd, that Republican lawmakers are too interested in falling in line than standing up for what's right.

"I made phone calls and wrote letters until I'm blue in the face," she said during the town hall. "And I can't get anybody to listen to me."

Kadenacy says an event like this is actually great for Republicans.

"I think to me this is one of the best events that Republicans could ask for," Kadenacy says. "Because what it does is energize our base."

An audience member actually asked Steyer about that, basically asking if this is an effective way to create change. He responded,

"We cannot allow ourselves to be censored by what we think the Republican voters want," Steyer said during the town hall. "We have got to tell the truth, live with it, and let the chips fall where they may."