The cannabis industry continues to grow in Nevada, and experts say it's only the beginning considering recreational sales have been legal for less than a year.

Jason Sturtsman founded Budtender Fight Club in Las Vegas, and Sunday the first Budtender Fight Club meeting was held at The Studio in Reno. He began to notice that dispensaries in Nevada would not always teach their employees about the products.

"I saw a lack of education," Sturtsman says. "Especially a lack of inexpensive education."

Sturtsman says he's found similar classes for more than a hundred dollars, but each fight club meeting only costs twenty-five dollars to attend.

The goal is to better equip the workforce, or help those that want to enter the cannabis industry workforce, because it's so new.

"Knowledge is power," Anthony Lee, Head of the Reno Budtender Fight Club says. "And the cannabis industry is growing so fast right now that having people that are knowledgeable in the industry in the community knowing what's going on is very valuable for the whole community not just for Reno but for the whole state."

Three experts from the industry came to discuss their area of expertise. One speaker from Cannapunch talked about extracting ingredients to make edibles, one speaker from Harmonious CBD talked about the uses of CBD, and the final speaker from 374 Lab talked about their procedure for testing products.

"We just got done with Cannapunch," Neal Randell, current bartender and aspiring budtender, says. "I've seen it in a couple dispensaries. I actually learned the roots to [how it's made] and it was quite fascinating."

"They're going to be able to apply it in a workplace," Kevin Reimer, Sales Representative for Cannapunch, says. "And be able to give some great information to customer who may not know what they're doing or may be new to it."

Sturtsman says with so many types of cannabis products and growing popularity, we should expect to see what he calls "cannabis somelliers."

"You'll see budtenders who are extremely skilled in being able to [recognize] those terpenes," Sturtsman says. "Being able to provide products that are very nuanced in the experiences they can create."

For now though, the focus of the fight club is really to bring knowledge to a group without much, to open doors and give people a step up in the cannabis industry.

"I'm totally nerding out right now, writing everything down word for word." Randell says. "I haven't written in I don't know for how long, so it's pretty cool to actually learn stuff."

"I hope so," Levi Martin, also a bartender and aspiring budtender, says about employers taking notice of the class. "That companies will see applicants like me that are interested in educating ourselves to be able to educate consumers."