Local cyclists are holding a fundraiser for a fellow cyclist who ended up in the emergency room after an incident with some improperly parked LimeBikes last Sunday.

Gustavo Cuevas was heading home after a weekend of mountain biking.

"He was coming back from my house after a Downieville camping trip," said friend Christian Fassbender. "The hard part was over, he was coming down California Avenue near the Brewer's Cabinet, came around the turn and there were two LimeBikes parked in the bike lane. He had nowhere to go and swerved and clipped one and went over the handlebars."

He was wearing a helmet. He ended up in the emergency room with a fractured collar bone and a concussion.

"I was bummed; it's really unfortunate," said friend Trevor Leppek, Co-Owner of Pignic Pub & Patio. "He was returning from an actual dangerous mountain biking trip and hit LimeBikes irresponsibly placed in the bike lane and hurt himself. It put him of commission for six weeks"

This weekend, friends are throwing a fundraiser at Pignic to help with medical bills and time off work.

"The name holds true - Biggest Little City," Leppek said. "Everybody knows everybody and we just want to help out a friend."

They also hope to start a dialogue about how they can prevent something like this from happening again.

"We were hoping to get the word out to the rest of Reno that if you see them parked in a terrible spot, to take the time to move them," said cyclist Robert Jungnitsch, who has started an Instagram account to document LimeBike use in Reno. "I'm documenting the upside and downside of the LimeBike. I do see more people riding bikes, which is great, but it's also about getting the awareness out, like don't block driveways, don't park them on private property."

The LimeBike app has guidelines on where to leave the bikes and they all have GPS.

"The app helps to get people to park responsibly," said Aaron Brukman, LimeBike Operations Manager. "As a community it's our responsibility to make sure if a bike isn't in a good place we have people working seven days a week to move them. It's the same with folks in the community making sure they're parking responsibly, not blocking access or egress or anything."

You can use the app or call the 800 number on the bikes to report ones that are improperly parked.

"We have two vans driving around the city responding bikes, moving them around and making sure they're in the best places," Brukman said.

Because if they're not, there can be serious consequences.

"Like somebody breaking a bone," Fassbender said. "He can't work, he can't ride and that's a bummer. Just because someone improperly parked one of those bikes, that's sad, either if it's someone that was being irresponsible and careless or thought they were being funny."

The fundraiser at Pignic goes from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday.