A lot more Nevadans have a chance at being called up for jury duty after the state legislature passed a bill in 2017 expanding the list of potential jurors.

However, that expansion is causing some hiccups in the system.

Now, the jury commissioner can pull names from registered voters and the DMV as before, but also from customers of public utilities like NV Energy, and people who receive benefits from the Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation.

The problem is, some people's names will appear on lists from more than one of those places and Channel 2 has heard from some people who have already been summoned twice.

For example, if a resident is a customer of NV Energy at a current address, but registered a car at an older address, that person might appear on the list twice.

While qualified jurors are required to report for jury duty if they're called, in our area, a person can only be called once in a two-year period. So if you get called more than once, there's a mistake.

The jury commissioner for each district court is responsible for making sure there are no duplicates on the list. We reached out to the jury commissioner for the Second Judicial District Court and she declined an interview. She did write in an email, that if you have been summoned for jury duty more than once in a two-year period, you can call (775) 328-3152 to get it sorted out.