Diana Lee changed her career path more than ten years ago to devote herself to others - and she does it in a variety of ways. Always, with positivity in her heart.

She stands all of 4'11", smiles easily and never raises her voice in anger.

But don't let that fool you...

Diana Lee is fierce.

Diane Lee is a Pilates powerhouse.

"Her enthusiasm passes on to all the students, which spreads like wildfire,” says Jim Pierce who’s been taking Lee’s classes for five years. Connie Nelson agrees; "Probably the best Pilates teacher in this entire area." Students in her classes say they feel like family; "(She’s) A lot of fun, I enjoy her, she's a sweetheart," says Dick Davis.

Diana is just as passionate about Pilates today as she was when she began teaching it ten years ago.

"I got into fitness because years ago I wasn't into fitness and I was 67 pounds overweight," says Diana.

So many people have trouble imagining Lee's small, fit frame any other way - that she carries around photos of her larger-self as proof. 

It also motivates her to help others who also want change

Diana's Stretch and Recovery class helped Jim Pierce after back surgery and Connie Nelson after breast cancer.

"(Diana) brought me back to being one hundred percent, playing golf and doing all the things that I really like to do,” remembers Jim.

"She understands each one of our conditions. We're like a private student to her,” smiles Connie.

Diana lee also takes care of the community...a lot.

She's part of the Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association, on the board of directors for Secret Witness and - 

"Washoe County K9s - we deal with all the K9s for the Washoe County Sheriff's and I'm also on the board of directors for Trauma Intervention Prevention, which is TIP."

Connie is one of her biggest fans; “Diana is a very special, caring person and we love her."

If you're a member of the Redhawk or TMCC communities, you can meet Diana yourself and try one of her classes.