Thanks to you, we collected 362 units of blood during our 11th annual Give 2 Live blood drive on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The donations will help save up to 1,086 lives! 

If you missed our blood drive and still would like to donate, call United Blood Services at 775-324-6454.

Volunteer blood donors must be at least 16 years old with a signed United Blood Services parental consent form, weigh a minimum of 110 pounds and be in good health. Additional height/weight requirements apply to donors 22 and younger. 

And every single recipient has a story. Like Cole Swanson from Spanish Springs. 

He says his life changed dramatically more than six months ago.

"My stomach was feeling nauseous and stuff. I didn't go to school for like three days."

Instead of gaming, like many 11-year-old boys, Cole spent most of his time visiting doctors and getting blood tests. A hematologist finally ordered a bone marrow biopsy in Oakland – where “they diagnosed us with aplastic anemia and that's basically just where your immune system shuts off."

Cole's body stopped producing enough new blood cells. 

Aplastic anemia also leads to a higher risk of infections and uncontrolled bleeding. 

His platelet numbers dropped from a couple hundred thousand to 20,000 - and fast.

So, along with needing about half dozen units of red cells and an equal number of platelets, Cole also needed a bone marrow transplant.

And his match?

"She's a soccer player. She antagonizes me a lot."

His older sister.

"He acts like he doesn't like me, but I know he does."

Although a bit painful, 14-year-old Saige says it was a no-brainer to donate her bone marrow to her brother.  

"It's good. I know it was worth everything I went through but I'm hoping we never have to go through anything like this again."

Months after the procedure, Cole is still monitored closely.

"He still can't be around people who are sick. He can't be around crowds. He has to wear a mask any time he goes outside of the home,” says mom Becky.

But his blood work looks phenomenal!

And he's here today not only because of his sister, but all the generous people out there...

"I couldn't imagine."

Who saved Cole's life with their blood.

"It was a big deal."

"You never know. We're all here together to help each other."