Authorities say a Carson City woman was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to faking her son’s death for profit. 

Victoria Morrison was sentenced to a minimum of five years and up to 12.5 years in prison. 

The Carson City Sheriff's Office says Morrison collected money through a GoFundMe account, saying her son died. But, after speaking with a person who said she spoke with Morrison's spouse who said the child was alive, an investigation began.  

Deputies say the 32-year-old also took several hundred dollars in Walmart gift cards from the teacher of her child.

Deputy District Attorney Melanie A. Brantingham told us her son is no longer in her custody.

After Morrison’s sentencing, Brantingham released this statement: 

Victoria Morrison’s conduct in this case can only be described as evil. This woman, who was supposed to be the protector and caretaker of her four children, and the person they trusted most in life, used that trust to manipulate and deceive her children, and an entire community, for her own selfish purposes.  She left a wake of destruction in her path that is one of the worst I have seen in my career.  The pain and emotional trauma she inflicted on her 10-year-old son, and his three siblings, is immeasurable. They will undoubtedly spend a lifetime trying to unwind the damage she did to their very impressionable young minds.

Not only did Ms. Morrison’s behavior significant impact her children, but she preyed on the trust and good will of this community. The community gave freely of its time and money to Ms. Morrison and her family. The community supported her, and grieved for her child, when she told them that he had died.  The revelation that the child was not deceased left the community, and law enforcement alike, shocked and bewildered. The public trust and confidence was broken.

Throughout the course of the case, Ms. Morrison demonstrated a lack of empathy for the suffering she caused her children and the community, instead choosing to blame others for her behavior. We are pleased that justice has been served in this case, and that Victoria Morrison received a prison sentence, as we, and her four children, requested. We hope that this sentence brings closure to the children and the community, and that they can continue the healing process.