UPDATE: The DA's Office reports that water damage was significant to the east half of the 4th floor in the Mills B. Lane Justice Center.

There are contractors working with the County to remove water and dry out the floors and walls.

After that, they plan on repairing or replacing equipment damaged in the effected offices.

They do not expect total repairs to be complete for several weeks and there is no estimate of the cost of the damage.

The Criminal and Civil Divisions are operating normally.

The Family Support Division have relocated dozens of their staff members to other areas within their office, but is operating.

The Washoe County DA's Office is asking for patience from the public as the repairs are being made. 

UPDATE: The City of Reno reports that the Mills B. Lane Courthouse will be open tomorrow as well as the Reno Municipal Court.

Officials are still investigating what caused the sprinklers to activate.

If you have any questions, the county urges you to call 328-3200.

Several offices remain shut down after a fire sprinkler was activated within Mills B. Lane Courthouse in downtown Reno Monday morning. 

Washoe County says the Reno Fire Department is on scene and investigating the incident. Fire crews tell us the fourth floor of the south tower sustained heavy damage after the sprinkler ran for about 15 minutes before bring turned off. Power was also shut down to this specific tower within the complex.

"We came out with the understanding that there was smoke and the water activation, so we responded with a full second alarm for a high rise building," Robert Casos, Battalion Chief for the Reno Fire Department said.

Casos said there was no sign of heat or smoke, so it is unclear why the sprinkler head activated. The building was evacuated as a precaution after the 7:45 a.m. incident. 

"There was a lot of water flowing from a single sprinkler on the fourth floor," Casos said. "Of course, a lot of occupants had evacuated. The guys cleared the floors and then we had to deal with the water problem."

Washoe County's Facilities Team and Restoration Team are assessing how severe the damage is. Most of the water affected the fourth floor but it also flowed down to the third and second floors.

"We have people on scene with water restoration," Nancy Leuenhagen, Communications Director for Washoe County said. "They're assessing the damage and they are quickly trying to get everything back together so we can open this building."

Surrounding downtown streets may also be closed while authorities respond. 

Washoe County says south tower is closed, including the district attorney's office and Criminal, Civil and Family Support due to water damage. Reno Municipal Court remains closed. Affected residents will need to reschedule. Payments can still be made online

Reno Justice Court remains open. The Second Judicial District Court is currently open but is subject to change.

"We have a lot going on in both of these towers in this building, so when you have something of this nature go on, you have to notify the public, you have to send employees home," Leuenhagen said.

If you have any questions, the county urges you to call 328-3200.