Tuesday Nick Poulakidas Elementary School will ceremonially break ground on the new two-story building that is set to have more than 600 students attending when it opens in Fall 2019.

Construction officially began in March, and is scheduled to open for the 2019 school year along with Desert Sky and Sky Ranch middle schools. These are the first new schools funded by tax money from WC-1.

The building will be equipped with up-to-date security including a secure perimeter and single-point entry.

Interior lights will be motion-sensor, and will automatically dim when rooms are naturally lit to conserve energy and save money.

Officials say a newer concept in the building is group learning spaces to give teachers an opportunity for different learning.

"Additional spaces set aside that are specifically made for that group project learning is supposed to really help in terms of teaching and learning and getting that flexibility not just built in but encouraged," Riley Sutton, spokesperson for WCSD, says.

Currently, Double Diamond Elementary and Brown Elementary have more than 900 students attending each. Poulakidas is meant to relieve overcrowding in both those schools, so about 600 attend each school

"It's going to take Double Diamond Elementary School off of multi-track when it opens," Sutton says. "It'll relieve the severe overcrowding at Brown elementary school, also give room for those communities to grow."

Zoning changes for the three schools has yet to be decided, but the Zoning Advisory Committee created a new zoning plan that the Board of Trustees could approve May 22nd. You can find the zoning changes here.

Sutton says the board could decide they want some changes made, and there's no rush considering how much time they have before it opens.

"We're well more than a year out from when these school open," Sutton says. "Giving families plenty of time to see what those zones are and make any arrangements they need to."

If you want to take a virtual tour of Nick Poulakidas Elementary, you can find it here.