The certified personal trainers at Performance EDU Fitness train their bodies – and their clients’ - to grow bigger, faster and stronger. Don’t let their fit physiques fool you, however. When it comes to a new friend in the gym, they're a bunch of softies.

Blue is a seven-year-old Pitbull mix.

"He's just the sweetest thing," explains Emily Cornwall who first learned of his story.

Blue does not get around as easily as most pups. Veterinarians say Blue has Cerebellar Ataxia which happens when the cerebellum is damaged or inflamed. It's the part of the brain that controls gait and muscle coordination.

"Apparently he got attacked by a possum. He got an infection and the owners never got him treated. So over the last three years he deteriorated to this."

When Emily learned through Mutts and Runts Rescue in Bakersfield that Blue’s original owners wanted him euthanized, she rushed to grab him and brought him straight to her husband, Ryan Golec, at Performance EDU.

“He was super friendly and just stole everyone's heart."

Particularly, he stole the heart of a marine – turned trainer. As a corrective exercise coach, Dale Tucker is trying to improve Blue's muscle memory.  He's created exercises for him and is already seeing improvement, in part because of their expectations.

"Obviously I love him and do the best that I can and I carry him all over the place when he can't walk,” explains Dale, “But if he's in the gym - since his feet have healed up - we expect him to walk."

There is a lot of encouragement, too.

"There you go. There you go. Downhill is the hard part," Dale explains as Blue tries to navigate the grassy hill.

But there's nothing hard about loving him.

"I've definitely needed a constant in my life and I think he needed one as well... and we've definitely bonded."

They all have at the gym and their clients have too. Perhaps it’s because there's something we can all learn from Blue.

"He doesn't have that opportunity to move perfectly. But he's excited to get up and move and I think people should be that way."

Performance EDU is raising money for Blue’s MRI, physical therapy, wheelchair and a future surgery. The gym is hosting a workout fundraiser Saturday, May 5th from 8-9 a.m. They are asking for a minimum $10 donation. Meal Prep Reno will provide food. There will also be adult beverages and live music. If you do not want to work out, you can drop by 5301 Longley Lane, Suite 178 just to meet Blue.

If you cannot make it, you can go to the Mutts and Runts Facebook page and donate there. Make sure to write “Blue” in the comments section.