Here in Washoe County we have seen our average gas price climb by 17 cents in two weeks and there's a tax increase on the way.  

With prices on the rise, residents here in the Silver State are paying on average 40 cents more than the rest of the country. In Washoe County one reason is the RTC gas tax, currently sitting at 36.8 cents a gallon, is scheduled to go up to 38.5 cents on July 1st.

“This is important because it ensures RTC's spending ability doesn't erode with inflation, so when the cost of things go up, RTC will still be able to do these important transportation projects in our region," said Lauren Ball, Public Information Officer for RTC.

Even though it is called the RTC fuel tax, the Regional Transportation Commission isn't the only one benefiting from the review created.

“The fuel tax indexing actually benefits everyone in the community including our cities of Sparks, Reno, and Washoe County, so because the fuel tax is indexed, all of our local municipalities receive that benefit," said Ball.

The money received will go to road repairs, new construction, and big projects like the soon to be open SouthEast Connector.

Some of the other projects are the Moana Lane widening, the Plumb Lane improvements, 4th/Prater Street Bus Rapid Transit, and the Pyramid and McCarran Project. And remember that it’s all due to paying just a little more at the pump.

Just since 2010, RTC has spent more than $550 million on regional road projects due to the fuel tax.