Five bikes were stolen from Turning Point School in Reno. The Reno Bike Project originally loaned 13 bikes to the school last year for their biking class partnership. 

Turning Point school is a self-contained program on an alternative campus in the Washoe County School District aimed to help individual special needs children. 

Rahul Joshi, a teacher at Turning Point, reached out to us in hopes that the community may be able to help out. He says another teacher set the program up with the Reno Bike Project last year. 

Early Tuesday morning, thieves broke into the fenced area where the bikes were locked up. Joshi says, "They cut the chains, cut the locks and stole five of our bikes and a few helmets."

Joshi says they caused about $3,500 worth of loss and damage.  Trisha White, one of the students says she is "disgusted" with the thieves, "They are taking things away from children who are in need of it."

The Reno Bike Project has generously replaced a few of the bikes already and the biking class should be able to restart next week.  

However, they always welcome donations--either cash or gently used bikes, to help offset these costs. If you'd like to help out, click here