After several years in the making, MedMen in Mustang is open for business. Wednesday was the grand opening of Nevada’s newest high-tech cannabis facility.

The $15 million, 45,000 square foot factory promises to change the way Nevada’s marijuana market operates and Channel 2 took a tour to see how.

The walk-through began with all participants putting on protective gear from head to toe. This keeps foreign material from ever reaching the product.

Next was a series of labs. It's here where the plants are chopped and grown again to ensure that every product comes from the original strain, creating an added level of consistency for consumers.

"That it has high quality, that it's repeatable so when you go in and you buy something from a factory like this, you know it's dependable every single time,” said Daniel Yi, Senior Vice President of Communications for MedMen.

The next stop is in the portion of the 26,000 square foot greenhouse where a majority of the manual labor takes place. It’s here where a pulley system allows one person to move a tray carrying up to 600 plants with ease.

“This is not your grandma's greenhouse, this is 100% environmentally controlled using LED lights, using the best of nature and nurture,” said Yi.

The tour also showed off how the state-of-the-art facility will combine cultivation with production, meaning they won't just grow the marijuana, but they'll also make products on-site as well.

“Extraction is a huge component of this industry,” said Yi. “Edibles, topicals, and it's because that's the fastest growing sector of this market.”

Yi says the company can house up to 25,000 plants at once. They expect to produce approximately 10,000 pounds of cannabis product every year.