Nationwide, almost 40,000 veterans are homeless. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced $43 million federal dollars in supportive housing assistance to help more than 5,000 of them find homes. 

This means more than $72,000 for the Silver State alone. That money will go to fund 13 housing vouchers for homeless veterans in our area.

This year is unique, as HUD-VASH tells us, they were able to request the vouchers, for themselves. Matt Kerr, HUD-VASH Supervisor at the Reno VA explains, "In the past, HUD has made designations based on need for a particular area, so this was a new endeavor for us."

Three of the vouchers will benefit veterans in rural counties, while 10 of those will go to homeless veterans in Washoe County. 

HUD-VASH is a cooperative program between two government agencies: Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing. They have awarded more than 87,000 vouchers through their housing assistance program, which has been around since 2008.

The program also provides intensive case management to veterans who are currently homeless or at-risk. 

In Washoe County, there are currently 278 veterans on housing vouchers and 89 veterans on vouchers in rural counties. There are around 30 to 35 veterans currently on the wait-list for a voucher.  

Brent Boynton, Community Outreach Coordinator with the Reno Housing Authority says the need for such vouchers, is definitely there, "At the same time that more people are needing help and rent prices are going up, we are actually getting less help from the federal government, so we're really thrilled HUD has made this a priority to help this segment of our population." 

HUD-VASH is always looking for landlords who would like to participate in their affordable housing program. 

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