As high school seniors near graduation, many ask themselves “Now what?”  This week's Someone 2 Know thought he knew the answer until a monumental disappointment left him wondering…

17-year-old Jack Quinn has snapped wooden boards in half with his hand, learned to manage his money and speak publicly about his personal challenges.

"… Depression, anxiety syndrome, sleep insomnia and PTSD," explains Quinn.

Quinn’s dreams were crushed when he was hit in the head while playing the only sport that ever mattered to him.

“I played baseball from the time I could walk and I spent hours upon hours practicing and playing with my friends and it was all we wanted to do and it was heartbreaking that got taken away in a matter of one second,” he says.

There were physical and psychological effects. "I started off high school good and then I got the concussions and then immediately went downhill and then I had to build it back up to graduating with honors."

This school year, Jack has been taking part in Achievement Beyond Obstacles, a scholarship program sponsored by Reno-Sparks Rotary Clubs for teens just like him.

“We’ve become so close over the course of this whole thing. There are kids you would've never met if it weren’t for this program.”

During these specialized workshops for Achievement Beyond Obstacles, mentors helped the high school senior turn his past hurts into strengths.

"We're gaining the tools to not only help ourselves, but go out in the community, go out in the world and go help other people who have experienced the same things we have."

Quinn has discovered that music is one of the ways he'd like to reach others. The rest he's looking forward to discovering one day.

But Jack is sure of one thing - he is grateful.

"Whole new perspective - and I want to share that with everyone I can."

The Reno-Sparks Rotary Clubs are giving scholarship money to several of the teens who participated in the yearlong Achievement Beyond Obstacles program. The award ceremony is in April.