Interstate 11 will run north and south through the state of Nevada, with a connection between Reno and Las Vegas. Some of that interstate will likely include existing roads, but the goal is to increase the number of options for drivers traveling across the country.

"We've been seeing a need for some redundancy on the west side of the nation for quite some time," says Kevin Verre, the Federal Programs Manager for NDOT. "That connection from Mexico to Canada is really important for the nation so we see it as a really crucial piece to the freight network."

Wednesday, NDOT presented the Reno City Council with four potential corridors for I-11 in between Tonopah and I-80. The corridors are label B1 through B4 on the map. The blue dotted line indicates where a new road would need to be built. The red dotted lines indicate possible connections between roads, depending on where I-11 is built.

NDOT is still in the planning phase of I-11, so completion is still decades away. This was just to alert the city of their potential plans, so the city can look ahead.

"I-11 is far off," Verre says. "What we're trying to do is just be proactive with our approach in determining the viability of everything; putting Nevada in a proactive position to make good decisions in corridor preservation."

The next step after planning is to undergo an Environment Program Review. Verre says this step is still years away, but they're currently conducting a Planning and Environmental Linkages Study. Verre says the PEL study should make that step smoother.

"We want to make sure that we're keeping adequate records of what we're doing in the planning process," Verre says. "To enable us to have a better transition into that environmental review."

Once that review is complete, there are still a lot of steps left before the interstate is complete.

"It goes into design, it goes into right-away acquisition, it goes into construction," Verre says. "And we haven't really even addressed recognizing priority or funding."

There is a public meeting coming up about Interstate 11 at the Grand Sierra Resort. It's March 28th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Crystal Ballroom.