Rachael and John-Henry Lambin spend a lot of their time together studying.  They are both first year medical students at the University of Nevada. While the workload can be overwhelming, they say having a small class helps. "It's a family basically,” explains John-Henry. “There are 72 students and you feel like you have 71 siblings." However, one of them actually is family. "We're asked a lot if we're twins - or a married couple - because of the same last name,” Rachael says with a laugh. Rachel and John-Henry are siblings – just two years apart. It was a thrill for them to get into medical school at the same time. "We get along very well, which is kind of unique for siblings," shares John-Henry.

They are both considering practicing medicine as surgeons. "And intimately taking care of someone's health care.” This commitment, as you can imagine, means they will be spending quite a bit of time in the books for the next several years. However, as we learned, that is where they’d likely be anyway. Alongside their mother, Debbie, the Lambin siblings spend some of their free time delicately tearing pages out of books, folding them, evening drilling through old books. "Do you think it should be more 2D like the rest of the body?" Rachael asks her brother as she shows him the skeleton she created with rolled up paper from the old course book. John-Henry has long been considered the family art critic. Rachael and Debbie are the artists; “I just help out when I can,” explains John-Henry who studied engineering as an undergrad. The ladies sculpt the pages into incredibly detailed works of art that literally pop off the pages of the books from which they came. "So it's 100% out of the book; it's the story coming to life," smiles Rachael.

We found them plugging away on the piece at Elegant Avenue at the Summit Mall in south Reno - which also sells the book sculptures. Along with the 3D designs, they also create wearable paper jewelry, too. The business is called My Thousand Words Book Sculptures and the money they make off the family business helps to pay for medical school. Prices range from $150-$500. Custom artwork starts around $250. One piece can take anywhere from a couple hours to weeks. "We'll take out parts of the book so won't really notice it's gone; parts from the middle of the book. Then we'll set it open to whatever page the theme of the sculpture is about and then we'll discretely make the sculptures out of that paper." They are frequently asked how they have time to work on these projects during med school. They answer, "Breaks, weekends, after exams."  These future doctors are making art - on their way to making a big difference in this world - together.

You can check out their incredibly detailed and impressive work at www.MyThousandWords.com or  www.RachaelLambin.com.

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