You can expect a little piece of The Biggest Little City to debut in the 2018 Winter Olympics. This comes after a two-time figure skating world champion duo chose a Reno native's U2 cover song to grace the stage at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships.

April Meservy began taking her singing and songwriting seriously when she was a student at McQueen High School in Reno. It all started when her friend refurbished a guitar they had found thrown away in a dumpster on campus. A year or two later, Meservy got her own guitar, but she never imagined it would get her to the global Olympic stage. 

About a year ago, the Reno native who now lives in Utah, busted out a cover of U2's "With or Without You" during an impromptu recording session. An ode to a tough, recent breakup, she hesitantly shared the song online to help others in similar situations, heal. 

She never expected what happened next. 

Logging onto Facebook one day, Meservy noticed she was tagged in a figure skating rehearsal video. The skaters thanked Meservy for her rendition of the U2 song that they ended up choosing for their performance. 

They turned out to be Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford--two-time world champion winning figure skaters. 

The duo played the song during their performance in the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in January. They won big. Meservy is grateful she took that brave step in posting such a vulnerable rendition of the song, online. She says, "The heartache I felt, seeing it turn into something so beautiful, as they skated to it."

The light at the end of the figurative tunnel for her heartbreak only got brighter when she found out someone had anonymously donated an all-expenses paid trip for her to see the duo perform live at the championships. She says the moment was surreal, hearing her voice play over the loudspeaker to thousands of people. 

Now, someone has again anonymously donated another all-expenses paid trip for Meservy to witness her craft at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The figure skating couple will once again compete for the ultimate prize, using the Reno native's vocals as their guiding voice. 

To think of her small-town roots reaching all the way to the world stage, Meservy says, is like a dream. She adds, "The experiences I had playing shows and music like at Walden's Cafe, The Rib-Cookoff, were helpful for shaping the direction, musically, for me."

Meservy says the skating duo will perform to her song during the pre-opening ceremonies this Thursday and again on February 13th. 

As a tribute to her hometown, she has also recorded a cover of "Home Means Nevada." To hear that and to check out her full U2 cover as well as her other music, you can visit her website here