Pictures of hundreds of young faces...every one, diagnosed with cancer - are pinned to a board in the quiet lobby. Some of the kids are in remission, some are still doing battle, but all have been helped by the NNCCF - Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation.

"The emotional support, I know, even now they're just a phone call away. I can just call them and they'll be there for me," says Haley Carroll.

Now a sophomore at UNR, she has been cancer free for two years now.

"When I was 17 years old I was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma," Haley says.

"It really just floors you, as a parent,” says Haley’s dad, Kevin Carroll, “And the first thing you think of is - is my child going to be okay?"

Haley is okay. But, that's just one of hundreds of questions and challenges that families face when a child has been diagnosed with cancer, "...lumbar punctures, chemo, radiation, surgeries," explains Lisa Shaffer, Director of Community Engagement at NNCCF, about the myriad of procedures.

Mom, April Coldani, admits it was overwhelming."That really became our whole life - caring for Haley and trying to take care of our son as well."

"As parents you have a lot of pride and you think, no - we can do this. We've got good jobs, we've got insurance, we can handle it and - we didn't reach out to them. Finally, someone reached out to us from the foundation," says dad, Kevin.

Haley and her family are just one of 130 being helped by the foundation - some patients face expenses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"We help with things like medical co-pays, medical bills in general, we can help with travel."

In order to do that, the foundation is constantly seeking donations. At last week's radiothon at Scheels, they reached one of their goals, and will receive a matching grant. Some of that money even supports kids in remission. "I get the Inspire Scholarship from NNCCF and so that helps me with college now," says Haley with a big smile.

Eighty cents of every dollar raised goes directly back to the families.

There are a variety of ways to support NNCCF; either as an individual or a business. 

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