Many of us felt the ground shaking during some earthquakes in Reno this month. While the small scale quakes didn't cause any major damage, officials say being prepared for a possible 'big one' is important.

That's exactly what students and faculty at Double Diamond Elementary School did on Wednesday, with an earthquake drill followed by a fire drill. While the school practices earthquake drills, specifically, around three times a year, the timing of this one fits, right after the swarm of small earthquakes a couple of weeks ago.

That seismic activity reminds us that, while sometimes we may not realize it, Nevada is, in fact, earthquake country.  While quakes are not rare in the area, they are typically small enough to go unnoticed. 

However, a large scale quake is overdue, according to seismologists. That's why officials say everyone should take note from the students' drill. 

Aaron Kenneston, Washoe County Emergency Manager says, "The absolute best advice is to drop, take cover under a sturdy table and hold on until the shaking stops."

Although many of us remember this method from grade school, it is still the best protection. Especially since, nowadays, we don't typically have to worry about up-to-code buildings toppling over, but more so about falling objects harming you.

Kenneston says everyone should do a "hazard hunt" around their homes. Make sure things like your water heater, book shelves, television stands, etc. are all secured, in the event a quake does happen, the danger is lessened. 

Make an emergency plan that you practice with your family. Assemble an emergency kit with enough food, water and any medications you may need, to last you three days. 

Kenneston also suggests signing up for earthquake notifications on UNR'S Seismology Department's website