El Dorado County Deputies say crews recovered a man's body that was found Tuesday morning in an untreated raw water conduit in Pollock Pines.  

Deputies say 34-year-old Tory Robert Mayes fell into the El Dorado Irrigation District Camino Conduit pipe sometime on Monday.

Authorities say the conduit pipe carries raw water from Jenkinson Lake to EID’s Reservoir “A” water treatment plant 1.5 miles away in Pollock Pines. It is believed the man fell through an air vent in the pipe below the second dam.

As a result, EID immediately reduced flows to the Reservoir “A” plant while emergency responders began a search for Mayes.

The treatment plant provides water to the majority of EID’s service area, from Pollock Pines to El Dorado Hills, including the city of Placerville.

EID is asking the public to continue conservation efforts until 5 p.m. Tuesday when normal water operations will resume. 

For more information on water usage, contact EID at (530) 642-4000 and www.eid.org.