At Alpine Meadows Wednesday, disabled veterans got the chance of a lifetime to try something that many of them never thought they would ever do again.

The group Achieve Tahoe helps disabled veterans from all across the country learn how to ski with the help of special equipment, as well as a number of other sports in the summertime.

“These things help, they pulled me out of a deep dark hole that I was in, and my life is better, I'm healthier," said veteran Chris Farris.

The group brings more than just smiles to disabled veterans they are also bring a sense of accomplishment.

“I was totally paralyzed a little bit less than two years ago, and I am out here skiing on two skis having a good time," said veteran Jerald Newport.

Achieve Tahoe's goal is to have disabled vets realize that their disabilities don’t define them or what they can do, and they can use that knowledge for future goals.

“If you can do this and you suffer with chronic pain or you’re missing a leg or whatever, it makes you move forward in life with a better determination," said Farris.

U.S. Army veteran Julius Schram lost his leg after he was shot. He went from not being able to ski with a prosthetic to placing in the U.S. Nationals thanks to a lot of hard work with his instructors.

“The instructors are great, they work with you and understand you situation." Schram said. "Some of the instructors are actually disabled themselves." 

With sponsorships from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as well as Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, these 18 vets have free ski sessions, as well as comped stay with the resort.

For many of these vets, it’s not only an opportunity to go skiing and enjoy the mountain air, it's also a chance for them to make connections with fellow disabled veterans who have been through similar experiences.

“My friend said ‘I love that smile on your face’ when I'm out here because I'm so happy to be out here with other veterans,” said veteran Michelle Marie Smith.

“We were brothers in arms, lets now be brothers in peace,” said Newport.

Achieve Tahoe is largely funded through donations, so if you would like to learn how to get involved or how to donate, you can head to