The sound of wine bottles being corked is music to Mike Steedman's ears. He co-owns Nevada Sunset Winery on 4th street in Reno, a business that was essentially prohibited until about three years ago.

“It was against the law to have a winery in Washoe and Clark counties,” explains Steedman. “You could not have a winery in any county over 100,000.”

Alynn Delisle is Nevada Sunset’s other owner. "Before us, there were only three wineries in the rural counties. One in Churchill, two in Pahrump." 

Now add downtown Reno to the list.

Co-owners Steedman and Delisle opened the doors to Nevada Sunset Winery in summer of 2017. The business is an alternating proprietorship; there are a total of three wineries here, under one roof. It's what Steedman calls a good business model. "We pay one third the rent, we have a common area where we work on the grapes, we produce our grapes, crush – press, and bottle.”

That's the fun part and it happens right in the back of the winery...

…from testing the SO-2 levels in the lab, and the fermentation process in the large tanks to the labeling, it all happens right here. Steedman wants visitors to have that full winery experience.

"You're getting a tasting here, you can buy a bottle, a case whatever you want,” says Mike, “but we also talk about how it's produced, we show you what we do, we educate you, too."

"Everyone really seems to like the wine and it's funny because they seem surprised sometimes that they like it," Delisle says with a smile.

The winery is small - and the plan is to keep it that way, but the offerings will vary - like hard ciders in January and meads or honey-wines in the near future.

"Just to keep going and have fun,” says Steedman. “So there's always something different when you come in."

Nevada Sunset Winery is on 4th Street near Valley Road in downtown Reno

415 East 4th Street

Reno, NV 89512

Thursdays – Saturdays 4:00-9:00