Governor Sandoval has declared November 12th-17th, "Nevada Flood Awareness Week." Given that serious flooding occurs regularly, Lemmon Valley this past winter being a prime example, officials want residents to be as prepared as possible. 

Dave Solaro, Assistant County Manager for Washoe County says, while the county is prepared for flooding at any time during the year, extra steps are being taken before the colder months. 

Solaro says road crews have been busy monitoring previously-identified, problem areas to avoid potential flooding like northern Nevada saw last year.

However, Solaro says, the county has learned a lot from the last winter. Thankfully, the temporary flood mitigation structures already in place allow for a bit of leeway this year. Solaro says the temporary HESCO barrier allows for a roughly six-foot rise at Swan Lake, at the moment. 

Solaro added that sandbags are already available for residents around Washoe County who may need them. He also advises anybody who lives in or near a floodplain to check out the county's flood awareness brochure, here

While the county continues its ongoing research into more permanent flood mitigation plans, the temporary measures like the HESCO barrier, sand bags, partial Lemmon Dr. closures and drainage pumps will stay in place.

The county also asks residents to do their part in preventing possible flooding with steps like cleaning out drains and ditches near your house after a windy or stormy day, "It could be a culvert in your driveway that gets plugged with a garbage bag will cause flooding to occur potentially on your neighbor's property."

This week, members of the Nevada Flood Awareness Committee have scheduled a series of events to prepare residents for possible flooding: 

Gardnerville: Tuesday, November 14th, 3-6 P.M at the Community Center

Yerington: Wednesday, November 15th, 2:30–5:30 P.M at Scolari’s

Elko: Friday, November 17th, 2:30-5:30 P.M at Walmart

If  you'd like to learn more about flood prevention or where you can pick up sandbags, you can call the Washoe County Manager's Office at: 775.328.2000

Or, check out their website, here