The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway is a 116 mile trail. When it's finished, it will allow riders to follow the Truckee River from Lake Tahoe all the way to Pyramid Lake.

Ray Haderlie is a first time rider on the large bikeway. His 20 years of riding and expertise have given him the stamina to ride the trail from Verdi all the way to Floriston.

"I kind of just followed the signs; I was amazed how clearly this trail is marked,” said Haderlie.

But even if Ray wanted to go further, his ride would’ve been cut short. That's because from Floriston to Boca, the trail has been incomplete, until now.

"Most years we get about 1 to 2 miles built, and we open it and have a celebration,” said Janet Phillips, president of the bikeway.

Phillips has been invested in seeing the bikeway's completion for more than a decade.On Thursday, the biking enthusiast can now proudly say that construction is complete near Boca, an expensive and difficult part of the path to build.

“This section here is a $580,000 dollar piece of trail,” said Phillips. “No road bed, no nothing, no flat spot just a steep slope, and that's where the contractor had to do a lot of digging and retaining walls."

While the 1.2 mile segment is important to the trail's completion, there's still some work that needs to be done before the bikeway connects Tahoe to Reno. Phillips says work will begin in 2018 to connect the trail through Floriston.

“Our section next year will be the most expensive of all because we're going to be on a section that's very steep and rocky and right next to the freeway,” said Phillips.

When that portion is complete, riders like Ray say they can't wait to follow the Truckee River from Reno all the way to Tahoe.

"I think it'll be a neat experience; it'll attract a lot more people to do it if it was a through type trail,” said Haderlie.

Once construction is complete in Floriston, there are two parts of the trail that remain before it's complete. Those portions of the bike path are east of sparks in Lockwood and near Wadsworth.