Truckee police have arrested two men, 21-year-old Stewart DeVaney and 19-year-old Simon Wyss, in connection with the burglary of a home on Olympic Blvd in which a woman was injured. They have been arrested for a myriad of charges, including striking a woman across the forehead with the butt of a rifle, burglary, being armed in the commission of a felony, possession of stolen property, armed robbery and other narcotics charges.

The 35-year-old woman that was injured was on her way to her friend’s house, but when she entered the residence she was confronted by two armed men wearing ski masks. One of the men struck her in the head with the butt of their rifle, causing a laceration. The two men then ran from the home, which appeared to contain a marijuana grow. It is believed the men had entered the home with the intention of stealing the marijuana.

The victim that was hit in the head was transported to the hospital for treatment.

During the arrest of the two men at their residence in Kings Beach, a search was conducted, and a rifle was found that had been stolen in an earlier residential burglary. Jewelry, money and narcotics that are suspected to have been stolen from the home on Olympic Blvd were also located and seized as evidence.

Anyone with information on this case is being asked to contact Detective Sgt. Renfrow at (530) 550-2339.