The CBS Evening News celebrates 50 years of one of their most beloved segments, “On the Road,” which features ordinary people doing incredible things across the country. Not too long ago, they were here in Reno.

In 2012, “On the Road with Steve Hartman” came to visit then 17 year old nuclear physicist, Taylor Wilson, at The Davidson Academy in Reno. He was just a kid creating nuclear fusion. It was a story worthy of the segments 50-year-old tradition of finding ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

“Taylor Wilson is one of the most amazing human beings I've ever met in my life,” said correspondent Steve Hartman to Channel 2 News. “Where do you start with this kid? He's an absolute genius and a joy to be around.”

Interesting people is exactly what Charles Kuralt sought to find when CBS News started “On the Road” in 1967.

Steve Hartman now carries the torch every week from around the country with a passion for stories he says are needed.

“If we over report anger and frustration people are going to think that is really what America is so what I’m really trying to do in a nutshell with this segment is just remind people we're still good,” said Hartman.

“That was the first major interview I had done,” remembers Wilson. He still lives in Reno and has put into practice much of what he talked about then, such as his invention of scanning shipping containers for nuclear material, among other things.

“I run a company that is mainly focused on running reactor technology,” said Wilson. “I still have a presence here at the University of Nevada, so I run a research program here that does all sorts of different research from physics to biology and robotics.” 

Hartman famously ends his stories with a punch; a last sentence that is memorable and chilling. This is what he said for Taylor:

“Oh I have hundreds of ideas. I have too many ideas for a lifetime,” said Wilson to Hartman. “Fortunately he's got a good head start,” said Hartman in his 2012 story.

Hartman has something to say to Wilson today as well. “I would consider coming back to Reno just if he would see me for dinner.”

“I want to see Steve back here sooner than later,” says Wilson

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