Press Start is a new unique bar where people can come and drink and act like a kid again. "Everyone who has come here has had a good time. No one has left here without a smile on their face," says owner, John Simpson.

The owners spent months researching other bars like theirs to gather ideas to make sure their bar is the best. "We cherry picked the best idea things that work and don't work things we thought would work best for our market." Some of these ideas where adding more seating and putting tables around the games so people have places to set their drinks down while they play.

Press Start found these classic arcade games from all over the country, and the owners refurbished them to mint condition, including repainting and rewiring the games. They say that all that hard work has paid off. "When you get six people on the X-Men game going crazy and enjoying it and having a great time, for a quarter. That is what I want to see," says Simpson. 

If you want to go, Press Start is located at 1413 South Virginia Street between Miguels and Morgans Lobster Shack. 

A grand opening celebration is planned for this weekend with live music, game-themed pumpkin carving and high score tournaments.