Reno 1868 FC’s magical inaugural season came to an end Saturday night in the USL’s Western Conference quarterfinals.

(3) Reno suffered a 1-0 loss to (6) OKC Energy FC after OKC’s only goal was scored by forward Wojciech Wojcik.

Reno 1868 FC finished their season 17-7-8 ranking them third in the Western Conference. Despite not scoring tonight, Reno’s 75 goals in the regular season sets the USL Record for most goals in a single season.

Saturday’s match began with both teams having multiple chances while trying to break through four defenders on each side. Wojcik’s wonder goal in the in the 41st minute came outside the box to make it 1-0 before the half.

USL Golden Boot winner Dane Kelly (18 goals) was able to come in after halftime and spark many scoring opportunities despite none being converted.

Rookie of the Year candidate Chris Wehan also found a few opportunities from set pieces and inside the box. Wehan finishes the season ranked as the USL’s top assist man (12 assists).

OKC Energy FC will now face San Antonio FC in the USL’s Western Conference semifinals. Reno will have team meetings next week to prepare for next season.

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Reno 1868 FC  

Head Coach Ian Russell

One how tonight’s result came about…

“We had enough chances to get a result and tie the game. It was just one of those nights where the ball just didn’t find the net. One thing about the sport of soccer is that can happen, unfortunately that happened tonight.”

One if injuries are what set them back…

“It was tough going into the game our three top forwards were injured; Dane [Kelley] was just coming back from a hamstring injury, same with Brian [Brown], and Hop [Hoppenot] had a separated shoulder pretty much. So, it was tough, that was a lot of goals that we took off of the field.”

One having big success in the inaugural season…

“It was a great season. The team clicked really well for a first-year franchise. The fans have been excellent. Looking to carry this onto next year and have another good team here.”

Goalkeeper Matt Bersano

 In response to heartbreaking loss in first round of the playoffs…

“It’s heartbreaking, we had our chances. We were scored on by a wonder goal, it’s a rough way to end such a good season.”

In response to what Coach Russell had to say after the game…

“He’s just thankful for the work that we put in and it’s hard to disagree with that because what we did as a team this year was just an absolute pleasure. From the top to the bottom people helped out when injuries were there. It was just a good team effort from a successful season standpoint. Obviously, we all wanted to go further, we’re all crushed right now, I know the fans are too. We wish we could bring more to this city right now but we’re very thankful for their support.”

On overcoming early season difficulties to have a great season…

“It was a great year of soccer for sure. But we lose players, we lose men, we’re thankful the fan base grew from what we saw the first game to here the last game. We can hear everything they say on the field, that’s how loud that fan base is. That’s a good thing, that’s a good problem to have. It was a really good thing for our city and I hope to be back for that.” 

Midfielder Chris Wehan

Reflection on the season despite tough loss…

“It was a good season, it was a lot of fun. I think the vibe in the locker room has just been guys reflecting and taking it all in, you know, a lot of hugs and a lot of celebrating a good year, because that’s what it was a really good year.”

On what’s next…

“Yeah I think in the next few days I’ll reflect a lot on this year as a whole. The crazy way this year started for me personally and getting to where I am now. To be such a part of a good group, I couldn’t ask for anything more to come to Reno and be part of this team. But I’m not looking forward to next year yet, just reflecting on this year and celebrating and thanking all the guys around me that deserve credit for my success and for our whole team’s success.”

On the fan base…

“We couldn’t get this far without them. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough gear to give out to all of them. They’ve been really good this year, they’re amazing. Really thankful for them.”

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