"She's just a typical two year old,” shares Kayla Babbitt of her precious toddler, Posey. She loves playing outside, snacking on goldfish crackers and making new friends. "It's for Posey,” Kayla says as she hands Posey her toy phone. “Hello?” The little girl is all smiles which is why she was the perfect face for this year’s Buddy Walk hosted by the Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada. Posey’s family learned she had the chromosomal condition only after she was born. "I was completely uneducated before I had Posey. I had no idea."

That is where DSNNN comes in. The network works to educate, raise awareness and offer support to families affected by Down syndrome. About six-thousand babies are born with it in the United States every year and the DSNNN supplies resources to help area babies thrive. For example, right after Posey was born, DSNNN put her family in touch with another family who could relate. "So we were able to see how "normal" it is; how typical it is. It's a very normal life to have children with Down syndrome." While Posey has extra doctor’s appointments and speech, occupational and physical therapy, she’s a healthy little girl overall.  Some tasks, like walking, are just a bit postponed. What came right away, however, was an insurmountable love for sweet Posey and that is the message, parents like Kayla, want everyone to know. “If I tell someone I have a child with Down syndrome, their first reaction is, 'Awe, I'm sorry.' But there's nothing to be sorry about. She's wonderful. I would not change her for the world."

Like her smile, Posey’s future is bright. Kayla says whether it's driving or going to college, she may just have to work a little harder to get there.  But with support from her family and our community nothing is impossible for Posey. "I would not trade her for anything and she is just the best."

To learn more about the Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada, log on to: http://dsnnn.org/.