The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspect, 33-year-old Ray Brashears, on suspicion of fraud Tuesday.

After a K-9 unit found five used, hypodermic needles and .4 grams of methamphetamine in Brashears's car, they also found a wallet, with a Medicaid card, military ID, a social security card and a Nevada driver’s license not belonging to Brashears.

Deputies also located three cell phones, blank checks, equipment and materials that may have been used in counterfeiting documents and ID’s. 

Brashears also had an active misdemeanor warrant out of Tahoe Township for theft and was on probation.

Brashears was arrested on the warrant, along with obtaining/using personal identifying information of another person to harm or impersonate them, possession of a financial forgery laboratory, forgery, possession of hypodermic needle.