The Rosewood Lake Golf Course off Pembroke Drive in Reno found itself right in the middle of the all new SouthEast Connector and had to shut down in 2015. Once a popular spot to tee off, the course is getting a mulligan.

“That was a critical part of our design process was to keep the golf course going,” said RTC Engineering Manager, Garth Oksol.

A part of the agreement in building the SouthEast Connector was to preserve the course, but shrink it to nine holes and a driving range. RTC crews installed new poles for nets last week and other improvements are ready to go.

“There are added opportunities for golfers to get back and forth under the SouthEast Connector and that's what you can see right here,” said Oksol. 

This area could be seeing even more opportunities for sport. The City of Reno is negotiating with a private developer to expand the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course into the Rosewood Lakes Sports Village with a lot more recreation possibly coming to a lot on the north side of Pembroke Drive.    

“We're looking at doing 11 baseball fields, four soccer fields, a restaurant,” explained City Councilman Oscar Delgado. “One of the things I hear on and on from constituents is the need for more fields.”

The City owns the land but is working out a leasing deal with a developer.

“Our revenues aren't strong enough to accommodate or maintain such an expansive amount of fields,” said Delgado. 

The project is pending community feedback.

“Right now, it's a lot of community outreach so that could dramatically change and that is what we agreed to in the last city council meeting.”

Click here for the full agreement. 

As for the completion of the SouthEast Connector, RTC says they hope to open up the road connecting Sparks Boulevard and Veterans Parkway in six to eight months.