There is nothing David Fatino enjoys more than painting. "It gets messy,” he says as he pulls out all his paint cans and tools. He calls his style "Abstract. I’ve been compared to Jackson Pollock.” The acrylic painter adds a splash of color to everything around him and he’s created quite a collection of painted canvas, wood and sculptures. It’s his life; his life-line actually - after years of hurting. “Every day since birth, all I knew was pain. I was born with cerebral palsy and narcolepsy and a bunch of other neurological conditions,” David shares, which triggered debilitating spasms - all day, every day. “It's like a bolt of electricity that hits your nerves and it hurts and it causes your muscles to lock up." The constant pain led to anger and depression; he couldn't move freely - much less paint. He felt trapped in his body, “I felt like I couldn’t escape.”

That is… until he found Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists.

Dr. Ali Nairizi recommended David try the Medtronic Drug Pump for chronic pain. It is implanted in the abdomen, linked to the spinal canal and slowly releases medicine - at the source of the problem. "We were able to give little dose of Baclofen where it needs to go - right into the spinal canal, right over the spinal cord - where those receptors are." Dr. Nairizi says along with calming spasms, it means fewer side-effects, too, because oral medication requires more of it to travel through the body in order to get to the spinal canal. The pump is monitored and refilled when needed. David’s pump holds 20ccs of medication which needs to be refilled about every two months – which Dr. Nairizi can do in the office.

David is now nearly pain-free! He went from experiencing a few hundred spasms a day to just a couple dozen. "I feel like I was born again."

David sells his artwork online:

Dr. Nairizi will be our Ask the Doctor guest on Monday, August 21st if you would like to speak with him about options to treat chronic pain. Call (775) 858-2222 between 5 – 6 p.m. You can also reach Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists at (775) 284-8650.