Sierra Tap House has been at the same location near the Truckee River for 11 years, and in the past you were able to bring your dog and sit out on their patio and enjoy a drink. Recently after a Washoe County Health District Inspection they were told that they were not allowed to have dogs or any other pets in front of business, "That was kind of a shock to us we have been pet friendly for years we have been here for 11 years now and we have never had an issue or told that in the past or even known there was a special permit," says Cassie Pete, manager of Sierra Tap House.

Service Animals are still allowed at the Tap House but they are worried about losing customers, "We have lost quite a few people, they have mentioned that they have gone to other places which puts us a competitive disadvantage. Emroy Peterson is a Reno resident that posted on Facebook after he saw the 'No Dogs Allowed' sign, he has been coming to the Tap House for years and has never been turned away for having his dog, "the times I do go downtown to drink it is rare that I don't see a dog," says Peterson.

Even though Peterson is upset about the 'No Dogs Allowed' policy he understand that this is not the business decision, "I don't think any of these bars wanted to have this but I think Washoe County decided they couldn't anymore, and I support all their decisions. If you don't want to have dogs there, don't, you are a private business and you have that right." 

Washoe County Health Department says that if a business wants to allow dogs that they provide Washoe County with an operational plan that shows them that they know about the issues associated with having dogs in the establishment. Sierra Tap House says they are working on a plan so they can allow dogs back to their patio as soon as possible.