Last year New Life Christian Center raised $250,000 in four months to buy a plot as well as the home next to it so they can build a safe place for kids in the inner city area to play.

Pastor Angelo Austria of New Life Christian Center realized that the closest park for the kids in that are was almost a three mile walk, seeing the kids play in the streets or walk to the nearest park was unacceptable. "Unfortunately the inner city is the inner city and it is just not safe so for us to see all these children play out in the street," says Pastor Angelo. Thanks to the community they were able to raise the money to buy the plot, now they need about $100,000 to build the park itself. 

Thanks to the Washoe County Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association and some help with the community, they are one step closer to building that park. "It is perfect to have it here because this community does not have one for the 500 kids or so in this area, so it gives them a place to go," says the Undersheriff of Washoe County, Susan Schilling. 

The new playground will have two play structures, perfect for kids of all ages. The location of this park will be on the corner of East 6th Street and Morrill Avenue, they hope to have it built on October 7th, 2017. 

If you would like to donate to help build this park, visit:  OR