Every single fire the Reno-Sparks area has seen over the past couple of weeks has caused what is called an 'ember attack.' 

Jason Curry, with Great Basin Team 6 Incident Management, explains "Embers that have blown up ahead of the fire, spot ahead...and with conditions like we see on all these red flag days, that can be a mile out ahead of a large fire."

He went on to say that fires in grasslands, like our area, mixed with high winds make spot fires practically inevitable. 

Luckily, though, there are a few things you can do to protect your home and neighborhood from these ember attacks. 

First, officials recommend defensible space, which means clearing vegetation out at least 30 feet from your house to protect it from active flames.

However, for ember attacks, it is equally important to clear out any pine needles or leaves in your rain gutters. That is because an ash carrying a hot ember could potentially land on your roof. If you have anything flammable up there, even something as seemingly harmless as leaves or tree branches, it could put your house at risk. 

Curry added that even the type of roof you have can be dangerous. He says, "If you've got a wood shake shingle roof and an ember gets in one of those cracks and you have wind, we see those types of home ignitions happen all the time."

Curry says it's better to be safe than sorry...if you have a wooden roof, he advises you to replace it with metal or even asphalt shingles. 

For more information about how to protect your home from ember attacks and fires during this fire season, click here.