Even in a good economy, people are finding they can earn hundreds of dollars by selling body fluids. Are you cash-strapped? Biomat USA might be the place for you. According to the new Sparks center’s manager Susan Gonzalez, it's easy money: "By your second visit it’s 90 minutes. We can our donors in and out in 90 minutes."

And an easy $50 your first time in, $75 your second time. You can earn as much as $480 a month selling your plasma. It's a familiar process for part-timers, college students…anyone who needs money. As Grifols manager Lance James told us, "Plasma's about 92% water, so we basically give you back almost everything we've taken in every donation."

Plasma allows blood to clot. Reno's had a place to sell your plasma since the 1970's. Biomat USA opened the new center in Sparks, because even in good economic times, selling plasma is catching on. As Gonzalez told us, "Anybody that's trying to supplement their income, we have a lot of people coming in."

You check in at a fingerprint station by the entrance. Second stop, a quick weight and red cell level check. On your first visit and once a year, you get a free physical evaluation. From there, James introduced us to the donor floor: "This is where we actually collect the plasma, on the donor floor," where machines separate your plasma and return your blood...while you relax. James told us, "We have a lot of students and they'll bring their books in. They're able to study and read and it’s very convenient."

From there, your plasma is stored in a 30-below degree freezer, which we could only be inside a minute before the intense cold turns painful. From there, the proteins from plasma are turned into products that save lives…like the daughter of one donor who saw the company's label on her medicine. As James told us, "It dawned on him that all these years now, he was giving to his daughter that valuable product."

And that's another reason people come to donate…they know they're helping others, who are out there. As Gonzalez put it, "They are depending on the medicines that are coming out from the plasma donations that we have."

But the doors aren't open to just anyone. Plasma donors cannot use alcohol or drugs. But if you meet the criteria, donating for dollars…is worth the price.

The new Biomat USA center is at the corner of Prater Way and McCarran. Both that and the Reno centers only take appointments in-person.  For locations and hours, click below: