Plenty of people have fitness trackers to monitor their health. But now, man's best friend can also enjoy the same benefits.

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Reno is introducing new technology that can help their doctors monitor dogs more accurately. It's called Vetrax, and it goes on a dog's collar.

"So it monitors head shaking, scratching, walking, running, sleep disturbances and resting," said Vetrax Sales Manager Brian Black. "There's nothing else like it on the market its brand new."

The device is only available through a vet, but pet owners can download an app that lets them see all the same information their vet is seeing. Doctors say it's also a great way to get information they otherwise wouldn't have. "These devices really help us in ways we've never had before," said Dr. Staci Baker. "Most people, including myself, own pets and work all day and don't know whats happening from 9 to 5 while we're gone."

Doctor Baker says they are also hoping to expand the technology to help dogs with conditions like seizures.