The City of Reno Council and Planning Commission are scheduled to give an update on the City’s master plan on Wednesday. In anticipation, the City has released a land use comparison map. 

More than 750 people have attended community events and participated in online surveys in connection with the proposed ReImagine Reno plan.

The City says feedback included: 

  • Prioritize infill and redevelopment over development at the urban edge. This is seen as a mechanism to discourage sprawl.
  • Expand housing options to include concepts like accessory dwelling units and other small home models, live-work options and co-housing. This is viewed as one important component of addressing housing affordability. 
  • Create a connected, walkable city with neighborhood amenities such as parks, public use areas, and neighborhood centers within walking and biking distance. The community supports focusing on “missing links” in existing systems (i.e. sidewalks, bike paths, greenways, trails, etc.).
  • Efforts to revitalize Downtown Reno are considered vital to the city’s future, especially those efforts to connect Downtown Reno and the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Residents support Reno becoming a technology center and attracting headquarters, but are concerned about the impact of warehouse/distribution jobs regarding wages.
  • Strong support exists for sustainable development practices that can help mitigate the impacts of climate change, such as renewable energy generation, low impact development techniques, shade trees, electric vehicles, green building standards, alternative transportation, and local food production. 
  • There is strong support for transit, bicycle and sidewalk enhancements, but also a reminder that we need to maintain a balanced perspective regarding automobiles and alternative modes. We continue to hear both perspectives.
  • Community members see arts and culture as vital to the City’s future, and some would like to see a more direct reference in the title of Guiding Principle 7: Quality Places and Outdoor Recreation Opportunities.
  • Preserving natural resources and open space areas as well maintaining access to public lands are key components to building recognition as a base for outdoor activities.
  • Residents highly value the public realm and support preserving open space opportunities, maintaining and enhancing parks, and improving streetscapes with additional street trees.
  • Preserving neighborhood character in established neighborhoods with policies that guide compatible infill development, as well as renovations and additions, is strongly supported. Additionally, design standards specific to the Newlands Heights National Register District are also desired.
  • There is continued interest in food policies and a desire to support policy and/or incentives for preservation of working lands, edible landscapes, composting, opportunities for food production in private projects, and the role of food processing.
  • Strong support exists for the master plan vision, and the community would like to see increased accountability in enforcing the master plan and consistency in decision making.

The ReImagine Reno team reviewed and updated the language in the policies to ensure these themes are included. 

The council and planning commission will meet on Wednesday, May 31 at 3 p.m. inside Reno City Hall, first floor, Council Chamber, at 1 East First Street in Reno.

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(City of Reno contributed to this report.)